"The Non-Marital Bed" reveal


Keith Urban: The Non-Marital Affair?

That's the story according to this week's issue of The National Enquirer. And before you snort with disbelief, which I can understand, please remember they're making an impressive surge these days, with 2 huge coups of late including breaking the Farrah Fawcett cancer story last week and being the first before all major outlets to report on the Grey's Anatomy drama this past Monday.

Not bad, better than Life & Style, and therefore not to be overlooked, especially since the Kidman/Urban fameseeking nuptials haven't exactly conjured an air of authenticity.

So here's the dirt: according to the magazine, Keith cheated on Nicole 'during an unofficial bachelor party' with a porn star in March. It went down in Los Angeles, the woman told all her friends, one friend told the Enquirer, and even passed a lie detector test. I know, I know…it's the fucking dirtiest tabloid trash ever - do you LOVE it???

Other highlights? It started off with a 3 girl striptease which was narrowed to one, Keith propositioned his favourite, they snuck away, and they spent the next 3 hours discovering each other - in case you're wondering, she said he was 'sensational'

But still…Keith Urban would never, ever, ever cheat on Nicole Kidman, right? After all, in recent interviews he *says* he's found The One! His lobster, his Frozen Forever, his True Blue Blonde - what's to question, what's to doubt?

Here they are, new photos supposedly taken this week, after several weeks without pics, someone from Nashville told me this morning, 'ya'll must think we walk around with pho-togs around but we don't. But they always know where those two are!'

Hmmm…ain't that the truth. And ain't that convenient too.

Anyway, I'm told Nicole flew in for some quality time and a photo opp or two, and then flew away again very recently - to Rome for the premiere of Fur - withOUT Keith who is staying at home, getting ready for the release of his new album which, some say, has a decidely rock 'n' roll flavour. Is someone's jock getting too big for Country?

Thanks to Claudia for the pics...

Friday, October 13, 2006

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