"Dog Eat Dog" revealed


It hurts me to post these. It hurts to look at my golf clubs collecting dust in the closet. Just before breaking my arm, I had finally figured out my short game. Was supposed to break 100 this season. Many times.

F*cking Mischa Barton

This is Justin Timberlake in San Diego at the USGA pre-game. The US Open is next week. Tiger’s back after knee surgery. Only 2 months after knee surgery. Ugh. Why couldn’t I be born a golf prodigy?

As for the Pip Weasel…well he’s definitely a whinging bitch but when it comes to golf gear, he definitely brings the game. Am all over the orange belt. And while the trilby is a bit much, he is a pop star after all.

Regarding his relationship with the Shelf… many of you have written this week wondering whether or not it’s true – the reports that Jessica Biel is moving in with him.

No clue about the veracity of the claims although since it’s a positive story, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least if she leaked it the way she leaks everything else. Especially since arranged “candids” of the two have been so hard for her to engineer of late.

There are some interesting rumours however coming out of New York. Not slam dunk quite yet but intriguing nonetheless.

Supposedly Pippy’s bestie Trace Ayala was overheard telling people he didn’t think Shelfy would make it another year. The boy’s boys know best, right?

Also, Pip might be expanding his empire. He recently forayed into television, now there’s loose talk of producing something on Broadway and that he’s looking to acquire a kick ass penthouse in NYC. Again… not slam dunk. If true though, no doubt that Shelf Ass would hitch it on his ride and make a cross country move too. Like she could cut it in New York. Please.

Or maybe that’s his exit strategy. Given that she’s still desperately climbing in Hollywood, she probably wouldn’t want to leave LA. And after a while, the long distance might be his easy out.

After that douchebag move he pulled this week on the junket though, I really hope not.

Let’s face it. Until his balls drop, JT deserves no better than that hermy TV girl who let one of her dogs eat the other.

Friday, June 06, 2008 at 1:55 PM

Last night at the Australian in Film Breakthrough Awards, Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish arrived together – their first time in public as a couple. Apparently they were sweet and loving and he had his arm around her and as you would expect, because this was reported in People, they seemed very much in love.

Well I would hope so.

I would hope that the affair that finally ended his marriage was at least worth something.

Abbie kept a very low profile during promotion for Stop Loss a few months ago. The film died a quick embarrassing death at the box office. Rumours were swirling at the time as to why she was so scaled back on publicity. One of the more far-fetched tales was that she was off having his love child.

Indeed, from this angle they certainly do have matching carb faces, non?

How long before he cheats on her? Judging from his prolific infidelity in the past, it’s pretty much a certainty.

Friday, June 06, 2008 at 7:40 AM