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The Dog Whisperer in Victoria

Cesar Millan is touring. There was a show in Victoria, British Columbia earlier this week and I have heard from a few people who were there, all with rather negative reviews. Not just like – oh, I didn’t find his information helpful or he just repeats the tv show, nothing new here, but like straight up OFFENDED, full on hate, will never ever support him again. Que???? You’re shocked, right? Should you be shocked?

Before I go into the details though, in the spirit of fairness, please do write to me if you were at the Cesar Millan show in Victoria and did not see this go down, or if you interpreted his words differently. Let me know if you thought it was wonderful and were not insulted. Because the way Lindsay P saw it that night, well, she called him a “total prick”. Her abridged account is below:

I went and SAW Cesar's "show" last night in Victoria, BC and I will be SHOCKED if I am the first person to write you in regards to that garbage. For the entire last half of the seminar I was composing this email to you in my head in complete ANGER. The first half started out fine... he was charming and funny and me and my sister decided we didn't CARE if you were right and he was a prick we loved him anyways....

THEN he kicked off the second half after intermission by comparing dogs to women in third world countries. Not even kidding you. You see Lainey, dogs today have too much food and affection. They are fat and loved but they have no discipline and exercise and therefore are unhappy.... women in third world countries, well they have no food and no affection but plenty of discipline and exercise and they are unhappy too. You see? Dogs and women need food, love, discipline and exercise, all FOUR....just imagine if you tried to tell a woman to go to the gym... you have to TRICK them into doing it HAR HAR HAR... just like dogs. The arena went SILENT. This comparison carried on for about 5 minutes while he tried to dig himself out. It didn't work and he has lost me and I HOPE any other woman in that arena at that point.

The show went downhill pretty quickly from that point on. Some other points of disbelief and total stupidity included:

* Asking an audience member who adopted her dog from Kuwait if that was a place in Victoria
* Not understanding that Victoria was a City in a PROVINCE IN CANADA and not Canada in its entirety
* Many, many, Many "Jokes" regarding his illegal boarder jumping to America, immigration and Tacos
* The show in its entirety being laced with American jabs. The fat people, too stupid to walk a dog, the only race to elect and re-elect and follow an unstable "pack leader"

I can't WAIT until he brings this garbage to the States. I recognize that we as Canadians are probably to polite to boo him off the stage but I hope that SOMEONE WILL. He actually had a perfect analogy for it... The reason the little dogs think they are bigger and better than everyone else at the dog park is because they live in the arms of their master, at eye level, taller than all the other dogs. That's Cesar in a nut shell... being carried around on top of his fame and money and thinking he is better than everyone else. It is disgusting.

That is 3 hours and 70 dollars of my life I will never get back!

Cesar Millan is currently promoting a new book: Cesar’s Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog.

Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 8:40 AM

Bad with people
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