"I guess she’s into skeeves?" reveal 1


Amanda Seyfried’s new boyfriend

What’s the meaning of “new”? Is it new the moment something is confirmed? Or is it only new when it begins? Sorry. That was a tangent…

It was confirmed by both US Weekly and PEOPLE yesterday that Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski are dating. You may remember Thomas from The Newsroom. He played Don, an asshole. I last saw him in Sarah Silverman’s I Smile Back. He played a skeeve. Amanda and Thomas worked together last year on an off-Broadway play called The Way We Get By. At the time, Thomas was married. He and his wife were divorced in October. He and Amanda are working together again on a film called The Last Word. They were seen arriving together on set this week and she was photographed hanging on to his belt. Both US and PEOPLE are reporting that, you know, Amanda and Thomas just realised how into each other they were recently. Oh sure. I buy that. Don’t you buy that?

Please see attached a series of photos of them several months ago during promotion for The Way We Get By when they were, ahem, just friends.

March 4, 2016 at 8:28 AM

I guess she's into skeeves?
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