"Late Night Prowling" clue


Love a couple that can find each other again. And you can’t say they haven’t tried.

Four months after filing for divorce and experimenting with others, including Sean with supermodel Petra Nemcova just 6 weeks ago, he and Robin are reconciling very publicly. Sean dedicated a song to her during an Eddie Vedder performance the other night. Make up sex is the best.

And I suppose to you don’t marry a man like Sean Penn without expecting the volatile. It’s cool that they’re giving it another stab, non? Refreshing too. Sometimes it seems like these celebrities, they throw in the towel without much fight.

The reason behind the split and reunion? As reported previously, he’s supposedly been unfaithfully (and randomly) for years. Rumour has it she had a torrid affair of her own last year – so hot she thought she was in love. That wore off rather quickly and both were ready to try to again.

The kind of happy ending I can live with.

Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 7:18 AM
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