"Photo Negotiation" subject 2 revealed


She is as obvious as Ebola on a photo opp. Can you imagine? An Oscar winner having to stoop down to Paris Hilton’s level? This is now Nicole Kidman’s reality.

Gran showed up with a noticeably bigger bump at the Country Music Awards the other night holding on to her belly in nearly every.single.photo. I know this because my husband is photo editing while I one finger type and he said in a series of like 500 images from several agencies there are maybe 3 of Granny givin’ it a rest.

What’s more believable: Granny Freeze’s pregnancy or the GMD’s heterosexuality?

You see now why they really were the perfect couple?

On the plus side, Gran’s face is as flawless as ever – the poster geriatric for pregnancy botox. Cosmetic surgeons are rejoicing everywhere.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 5:57 AM
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