"Short and Blind" subject 2 reveal


Dear Gossips,

Chuck and Blair are my new porn. In the absence of Pitt Porn and as the farce of Beckham Porn continues to ring more and more untrue, why not get off on a little scripted teen drama? It’s still more real than Posh and Becks anyway.

Oh Gossip Girl.

Of course those two can’t hold hands or go to the movies. Of course they can’t. But it still sucks that we have to wait til the series finale, which could take forever and I might be 40 by then, to find release. Just like them, I suppose.

And why is Jenny Humphrey’s arm practically the same size as Allegra Versace’s? Did she have her “near fatal” throat infection even back then when this episode was shot?

Funny…for some who “almost died”, as they tried to sell it, she looked remarkably alive the other night in NYC. First sighting of Taylor Momsen since her hospitalisation last week for a “potentially” life threatening sore throat which has become new code for cranked out needing detox. Infection my Chinese ass. That girl has been hopped up for a while. And curiously enough, she doesn’t get many scenes with the other young series regulars. Wonder why…

Tuesday – am online all day, remember to refresh!

Yours in gossip,


Tuesday, October 28, 2008
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