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Emmys Most Miserable: Claire Danes

I feel like whenever I see Claire Danes smile, she doesn’t really mean it. Duana asked the question during the liveblog last night - when was the last time Claire Danes threw her head back and laughed, heartily?

If you watched MSCL, you’ll understand the attachment we feel to her. And therefore the disappointment about what happened with Billy Crudup. It didn’t last, obviously, and it never does, and she’s with Hugh Dancy now (he did not attend with her) and they’re married and stable and she’s back on television and that’s all great and I hate to be bringing up this conversation - again - but I only do it because the toll that she took through it, it left some pretty visible and permanent scars. And I don’t just mean the stories that keep circulating about what a drunk mess she is at these events either...

I saw Dancy at TIFF several times last week. He’s very nice, he was relaxed and comfortable, seemed to have a great time catching up with friends. There was nothing smutty to report. But I will say there’s a noticeable difference in their demeanours. Where he is chill and loose, she’s seems withdrawn and, frankly, rather unhappy a lot of the time. Which is why she can’t come alive in this dress. This is a dress that could totally pop. Only Claire hasn’t been poppy in a long, long time.

Monday, September 19, 2011 at 6:21 AM

Clinging to love
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