Two girls, one limo

Both former “It” girls, both around the same age, both with body issues, both experts at denial, both f-cked up, and they found themselves together one night in a limo, not alone, accompanied by assistants and business agents and other Hollywood hangers-on, and of course cranked up on something, and touching led to feeling led to stroking, led to …

The slightly more famous of the two on her knees, head between the legs of the other, totally givin’er, as the others sat by awkwardly, and the recipient with her head thrown back totally enjoying it even though, in showbiz, to receive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a preference. To give however… well… suffice to say, the pleasure dispenser has very much established herself.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 6:30 AM

Update (6/10/12):
guess 1
guess 2
guess 3
denial 1: Heather Graham
denial 2: Denise Richards & Pamela Anderson
denial 3: Nicole Ritchie

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