"The Wrong Colour, the Wrong Number" clue?


Pervy Papa Pimp Joe Simpson has totally f&cked up Jessica Simpson’s career, not to mention her love life, and now he’s also failing with Ashlee. Ashlee’s new album was set to drop in November but has since been pushed back to early 2008. Word is she’s back in studio for rewrites and tweaks. The video for the first single however debuted on TRL this week – a date chosen well in advance by Joe for maximum play… but for a teenage pregnancy that has inconveniently gotten in the way.

Jamie Lynn Spears has stolen Ashlee’s thunder and Papa Joe is right pissed.

And although he could not have foretold Jamie Lynn’s bombshell, many insiders claim he’s been well out of his league for ages and the consequences are proving disastrous for both his daughters.

Attached – photos of Ashlee at TRL looking pretty and generic and greasy goth glam with some extra pudge in her lips like her sister. Seriously…can’t these two stay away from surgery???

Friday, December 21, 2007 at 4:03 AM
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