"Leftover Blow" clue


Two bitches have buried the hatchet… for now. And for a good cause – can you believe it?

Here are Kate Moss and Sienna Miller looking friendly than ever at the Cancer Research UK shop on Marylebone High Street during the Make Today Count Auction in London. You’ll note, Sienna has been accused of ripping off Kate’s style for years (absolutely) and the two scrapped at a party a few months ago when Kate became jealous of Sienna’s relationship with her long time pal Rhys Ifans.

Appears the chainsmoking party girls have found temporary peace and are even looking more and more alike. For Kate, it’s the same sh*t over and over. For Sienna however it doesn’t bode well: Kate’s lifestyle is well documented, not exactly the best influence. And after a period of relative calm, am told Sienna is once again headed in that direction. Trouble.

PS. They do seem irresistibly chic together, non? Like Gwyneth and Winona once upon a time?

Friday, February 29, 2008 at 10:29 AM
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