"It's easy but it's not hard" clue


Are very well trained. In the art of media manipulation and pimping their employer out as a desirable woman.

Oh Jennifer Aniston. All those self help books and still the desperation gives her no peace. To the point now that she’s resorting to letting her security team work her PR.

According to X17, the other day Jen went to Leonardo DiCaprio’s to shoot a PSA. Leo is tight with Tobey Maguire who is married to Jennifer Meyer who is part of the Aniston-Courteney Friend circle. It would mean that this would not be the first time Jennifer Aniston and Leo D found themselves together.

Besides, it’s not like they were alone.

Tobey’s there too, and also Kate Bosworth, and Seth Rogen, and Selma Blair, and even Usher to round out the big party.

Just a few nights before it was confirmed Leo and Bar Rafaeli had not split…

In other words, no one was suspecting anything. Period.

But Jen’s bodyguard seemed fixated, stalking around the paps, warning them: “You’re not going to start rumours, are you? Don’t start any rumours”…to the point that the photogs made the observation that it “seemed as if someone told Jen’s bodyguard to talk to the paps about The Story – just to make it one in the first place!”

Is Stephen Huvane running out of tricks?

He must be.

Who the f&ck in their right mind would believe that Leonardo DiCaprio could ever possibly be interested in Jennifer Aniston?

Again…now that we’re back to this…

Hello John Stamos?

Call John Stamos!

He is her lobster!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 7:53 AM
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