"Two Boys in the City," Boy #2 revealed


Drew Barrymore is NOT dating Chace Crawford. They partied together on Saturday. Period.

Drew likes boys in the city. But some boys in the city like other boys in the city…

Thankfully, Chuck Bass is not that kind of boy in the city. When you think about it though, he is EXACTLY Drew’s kind of boy in the city: young, quirky, not empirically goodlooking, oozes attitude and sex appeal, and not gay…

So it’s no surprise.

NY Magazine spotted the two of them last night making out hardcore in New York after a concert, continuing on to the Bowery and at one point, Ed had Drew straddled over his lap. They spent many long minutes grinding away with no regard about who was watching.


As you’d expect, he left all smug and Chucky…

Love, love, love.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 7:22 AM
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