"Because he ignores her" clue


At the Sex & the City DVD launch party last week – three girls showed up, one was missing…

The official reason for Kristin Davis’s absence was that she was working, something about shooting a commercial.

And here’s what’s being offered at the other end of the smutty buffet:

Rumour has it, Kristin bailed because she supposedly demanded a $100K appearance fee from Warner Bros and was rejected. The studio wasn’t cashing up for anyone else and it certainly wasn’t about to cash up for her…

Not to be mean but it’s not like Kristin’s career has been hopping since the series ended. In fact, attending the release probably served her interests better than theirs. Worse still, she thought people would care when she didn’t show and … no one did. So now allegedly she’s all contrite, fearful she may have f&cked up any opportunity to be in the sequel. After all, what’s left for Charlotte anyway?

Now there’s a shake up I can agree with.

As for the launch party itself – word is Warners put in almost $1 million to celebrate the DVD release which was rather poorly attended. Even Variety mentioned that SJP didn’t bother to join the main area of the event, preferring to head straight into VIP and wonder about her husband…

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at 7:29 AM
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