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Courteney Cox isn’t friendly?

Shocker of all shockers! Sources on the set of her new movie filming in Toronto are reporting that Courteney is actually the opposite of warm and fuzzy. “Borderline rude” is how it was described to me. You know how you always hear about certain stars who are so sweet to their co-workers, the crew, everyone involved? Renee Zellweger comes to mind. By all accounts, one of the nicest, most professional superstars in the world. Sandra Bullock also has the same reputation. Courteney on the other hand can be surrounded by a room full of people and still won’t be bothered to acknowledge anyone around her. Lovely, isn’t it? Another Hollywood illusion blown to pieces. No wonder she and Jen are such great friends. Frauds of a feather flock together…

Monday, August 29, 2005
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