It matches everywhere

She's seen her fair share of trouble over the last year. I'm told however that things are on the up and up. Good for her. But as well as she's recovered, it certainly doesn't mean she's any less eccentric. And while her unique style doesn't work for me…it certainly adds some flavah to her image. And in Hollywood…it's all about what you look like on the outside.

Thing is, she also seems hellbent on matching what's hidden with what's not. The hair changes colour frequently. Which is fine. But can you believe that every time the hair goes a different colour, the pubes have to as well?? This is what's expected of her colour stylist. Not only a session with the head, but also with the P. As you can imagine, it's not a particularly pleasant job. Which is why the complaining has reached all the way here…

Oh and one more thing…how adorable. She has matching hair everywhere and yet she still sucks her thumb, as witnessed by fellow passengers on a recent flight. Typical little girl lost, non?

One guess. Good luck.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

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