"Legendary tales" clue


Like many of you out there, I find Ewan McGregor’s unique brand of naughty freak oddly attractive. Androgynous at times, hunkalicious at others, super talented, lots of attitude, brash, brazen, doesn’t mind showing off his member – what’s not to love? Here’s Ewan with his rarely seen wife at the UK premiere of The Island this weekend. They’ve been married for years, they have children, and yet they also have pretty unconventional ways of keeping it fresh. I’m hearing rumours that the McGregors like to swing. I’m hearing rumours the McGregors don’t mind swinging with hetero AND gay couples. And I’m hearing rumours that this is the secret to their success. After all, Ewan is a free spirit and any woman who can handle this rather unorthodox arrangement is a keeper for sure.

Sunday, August 07, 2005
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