"Small secrets" revealed


Again, if you are a fan of JD Fortune, you need to skip this article and move on. Reading it will only make you angry. And being angry is not good for your skin. And when you’re as shallow as I am, having great skin is very, very important.

The following reports come from several VERY reliable sources in Canada and in Sydney Australia, where JD is working with INXS. If you saw my hit on eTalk Daily tonight, you would have gotten a hint of what JD’s been up to since winning the Rock Star contest. Click here if you’re interested. http://www.ctv.ca/entertainment

Multiple sources in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, JD’s hometown have told me about his recent trip back home and according to my spies, “he slept with probably every willing girl in Pictou County.” When asked by friends what he’s been spending time on, he replied “Lots of sex and lots of drugs.” My source also reports that he was particularly interested in propositioning girls for 3ways and was turned down at least once by unwilling participants. However, contrary to what I wrote in my Daily Ugly, these dedicated hometown supporters also insisted that “the man is gorgeous. Those pictures you have are very deceiving. In real life, he is probably one of the best looking men I have ever seen. He is also a fantastic performer- much better than he ever was on the show.”

Amazing what comes out of the smutwork when you get famous, non? Sources close to JD back in his Elvis impersonator days informed me last week about some of his physical attributes. And of course when this got out on my site, I heard from an insider in Sydney who knew immediately what I was referring to. This is what went on Down Under last weekend as I hear it. Now you can call it bullsh*t if you want. I’m just reporting what’s been told to me by, as I said before, a very well placed insider. According to my Aussie source, a young girl caught his eye on Thursday night. And by young, I don’t mean R Kelly young… so relax. It’s legal. At least that part is. He got her number and invited her up to his room. She didn’t leave until 9:30 am Sunday morning. She claims that there was more “happy” in his room than she’s seen in her whole life and about an ounce of other more relaxing items. He was also endearingly in need of someone to talk to, and the more happy he got, the more he rambled about “how much he hated Marty and how Marty looked him in the eyes and lied. He would keep repeating himself and it was a little unnerving at times”. He also wanted to make it clear how hard he had worked to get to where he is now, especially since he’s been through quite a few challenges. “This was clear to me with the way he kept talking about money and how much everything cost him.”

A classic case of be careful what you wish for? Oddly enough, the fickle bitch that I am, I actually like him a lot all of a sudden. Perfection is so overrated, don’t you think? And to all you Fortune fans out there – before you go all apesh*t and bag on me for passing on the info, stop and think about 9 out of every 10 rock bands out there. This might be hearsay, but is it really that out of the ordinary???

OK, y’all. Spew away. I’m ready.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

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