Running errands

She's a huge star in her field. One of the biggest. Low key, undramatic lifestyle, no frequent appearances in the rags, pretty scandal free. Unless you count her hideous fashion crimes, of course. Beyond that, however, there's really not much to criticise. Which is what makes what I'm about to tell you that much more surprising. How do you think her wholesome fans would feel if they found out that the lady sends her staff people out to make her Hash runs??? I hear she's been dabbling for a while and they're starting to say it's become a lot more than just recreational use. Not exactly alarming compared to some of the other crap being snorted in the industry…but still. Given that she keeps preaching about clean living and staying healthy, it's yet another example of celebrity hypocrisy.

One guess. Good luck.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Update (3/1/08):
denial: Sheryl Crow, Oprah Winfrey & Gwen Stefani

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