"Testosterone Tantrums" guess


Last Friday, some key movers and shakers in attendance, including Jen, Vince, Courteney, Matthew Perry, Kate Hudson, Lance & Sheryl, and the embattled Winona Ryder. According to my eyewitness, 'Jennifer Aniston actually looks better in person.' She arrived with CC and Vince came separately, although they hardly behaved like the hot and heavy couple we've been led to believe they are. Apparently Vince's manners also need some massaging - not exactly polite with the help, if you get my drift.
Sheryl Crow is very beautiful in real life. And I suppose I could see that, if I could get past the godawful clothes she always wears. As for Matthew Perry? Major weight loss - considering that people who saw him in Calgary a couple of months ago described him as 'porky'. Also chainsmoking up a storm, which leads us to wonder - is he off the wagon??? Matt spent a lot of time talking to a bevy of girls, including Kate Hudson, who is also very very thin, and who also didn't stop smoking, like ever. Just goes to show you - she might not have an eating disorder but that certainly doesn't mean she doesn't partake in the ciggies and more diet.
And finally, Ryan Seacrest was apparently present for the cake toast and he got up on the mike and started singing Happy Birthday and people were 'snickering'. I guess even celebrities feel the same way about him as we do. Oh sh*t. Does that mean I've just invited a jihad of teenybopper hate on my Chinese ass? Alright young 'uns…bring it. Let's see how freaky demented you are capable of getting over your maybe gaybe American idol.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Testosterone Tantrums
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